Ideal for toilet rooms, bathrooms, showers and pipework

PolyBlue has a wide range of useful products for quick and easy finishing of bathroom elements. The perfect substrate for tiling and plaster work, easy to cut to size and 100% watertight.
PolyBlue toebehoren metalen rozet
100% watertight
quick and easy to install
pressure-resistant and dimensionally-stable XPS

Toilet room

PolyBlue toilet panels are the ideal finish for all types of cistern. With pre-drilled holes and an attachment kit included, you can make a start on your project quickly. Combined with the fitting panels for the top or side edge finish, you’ll have everything finished in no time at all. Toilet panels are available in three handy sizes, which means that there’s one for every project.

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The tapered shower panel helps you to create a walk-in shower floor quickly and easy. No annoying slope edges, and with a particularly low installation/mounting height. The tapered shower panel can be covered directly with a pressure-distributing, shape-retaining and water-resistant floor covering, such as ceramic tiles.

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Bath conversion

The interior construction panels and sealant and adhesive from PolyBlue enable quick and easy watertight bath conversions. It’s the perfect base for a direct plaster or tile finish.

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Wall and floor

PolyBlue interior construction panels can be used on both the wall and the floor. With high compressive strength and the dimensionally-stable, shape-retaining properties of XPS, they are suitable for both new-build and renovation projects. The interior construction panel can be secured to both wood and metal battens and to concrete or wooden floors to create a nice flat base. Under floor-heating systems, the panel acts as an insulating layer to counter heat loss through the concrete slab.

PolyBlue pro plaat XL 10mm

Finishing pipes

Ready-to-use corner sleeves from PolyBlue can be used to quickly and securely finish elements like pipes and columns. Ideal for concealing pipework, with the benefits of PolyBlue interior construction panels: easy to cut to size, heat insulating and ready for direct tiling.

PolyBlue Hoekkoker 200/20

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